Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Origin and Purpose of the Bubble

Love is the offspring and mate of Time, born of Time himself, in order to mother his other offspring. Yet as Time grew, Love grew tired of Time and went in search of other Elements. In order to win her back Time devised a plan. He brought together his most powerful faculties and planned the greatest performance in all time: Creation. Calling Love to view his awesome powers, he formed before her the darling of the universe: Earth. In a final act of gallant hopefulness Time gifted Earth to Love. Completely overwhelmed, Love was full of adoration for Time. Yet Time soon came to realize that this adoration was not for him, but for his creation, for Earth. When Time gifted Earth to Love, he had made the biggest blunder he did not know he was committing: he had given her power. She looked at Earth and saw in each and every being that dwelt therein, a reflection of her self, for they were both of One. In every creature that walked the lands of Earth, in every shadow that swam its seas, in every spirit that soared its skies, not one was not she - except the humans. In the humans she saw a certain uniqueness she despised, in them she saw Time mock her. This made her yearn to claim the humans as her own. To achieve this purpose, she disguised herself and came to Earth: The Bubble. Time, in his anger at having lost his fight against Love, claimed a price from The Bubble: its freedom to expand without limit. Considering this a fair price, The Bubble now exists to entrap humans and absorb their identity, that it might erase the marks of Time from their faces, claim them as Love's own and redeem Love from her mockery.

Thus The Bubble waits, in many places at once, for 'ready' humans to entrap and claim. The humans The Bubble claims always come in pairs. Some willingly step in while others must be forced and some others are completely unaware of what happens. Either way, when two people find themselves within The Bubble, there can be seen either of two reactions: "trapped!" or "safe :)". When both humans react with "trapped", The Bubble finds its captives unconquerable and immediately frees them. When the two react differently, The Bubble waits until they are at harmony with "trapped" or "safe". When both are "safe", The Bubble takes flight and Euphoria begins to set in. Drunk on this hallucinatory gas (which probably sparks off the luminosity and the 'glitter of the stars'), the inhabitants sense nothing except each other. While the effects of Euphoria last, and The Bubble is expandable, they adjust according to one another's wants and needs, getting comfortable in the illusion that Time cannot claim them. These adjustments happen in different ways, in different degrees, in different cases. The general rule though, is that to accommodate the other, one must shift one's place or push against one's wall, forcing The Bubble to expand. This moving around requires energy, and this energy is acquired through the inhalation of Euphoria, which creates the illusion of greater necessity for expansion. Thus the cycle continues, Euphoria creating an illusion of need, need requiring energy, energy acquired through Euphoria, Euphoria creating an illusion of need etc… What one is kept unaware of is the fact that the inhalation of Euphoria causes the discharge of personality. This discharge of personality is what allows The Bubble to absorb its inhabitants' identity. Once the inhabitants' identities are completely absorbed, The Bubble bursts, Euphoria expires, and the inhabitants fall to the ground. Some continue in a false sense of the state they were in while they were within The Bubble, living in an illusion of the original illusion. Some recover, forget and continue as they were before they were entrapped, only to be caught again. Some accept the truth, wake up from the illusion and walk away, determined not to be caught again. Yet these are the most likely to be recaptured, for they regain much of their identity and because The Bubble is transparent.

More important information on the captives when I return (maybe tomorrow)!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bubble

I've just been trying to explain to Haren that I'm acting "weird" right now. The definition of "weird" here is, reading long emails written to the ex-boyfriend in the middle of a relationship crisis and appreciating HIS position. Now, why I'm being this definition of weird is this: Love has died. The relationship which was the long-standing definition of the phenomenon among our friends, ended. There are no clear-cut one, two, three reasons as to why she decided she doesn't want him anymore, and he is still pressing her to give him ONE. This exasperates her, and has led her father's phone bill for this month to rise considerably.

She believes she spoilt him by giving him everything he wanted – in terms of intellectual space, authority to take decisions etc… – and ended up feeling cramped and sick of the whole thing. Thus she made a little hole in their happy existence, found it was big enough, and escaped, leaving him to handle the crashing shards of the once-expandable bubble that was their relationship. I want to look at this bubble. I want to discuss its properties and their functions, its purpose and its result, the creatures that get caught in the beauty of its transparent luminosity, and their purpose and result. Maybe one day a few years from now, I can expand this post into my final dissertation for my Philosophy class. But saving the dreams for later…!

The properties of these bubbles are:

  • Transparency
  • Limited Elasticity
  • Growing hardness (no pun intended)
  • Probably contain a hallucinatory gas which runs out fast

The Bubble just hangs around our environment, our society, our culture, waiting to be occupied. The transparency of The Bubble makes it invisible to anyone without, yet to someone looking out from within, there is that special luminosity, that glitter of the stars, which makes everything without seem dull and lifeless. Limited elasticity allows inhabitants to feel a sense of being accommodated, and combined with the transparency, a feeling of unlimited space. Once the elasticity has run out, The Bubble begins to grow hard (again, no pun intended – this is a scientific exposition), fixing itself in a certain shape and position until it is unchangeable except through destruction (or explosion – pun intended). Reasons for the elasticity to run out are still being debated upon, but there are two possibilities. The first would be the simple passage of Time, which claims this property from The Bubble as payment for not being subjected to him. This exchange seems justified, yet it appears that once Time has claimed the fee for being free of subjection to him, The Bubble is subjected to him. While this paradox is being considered, let us look at the second option we have as 'reasons for growing hardness': a certain mysterious gas contained within The Bubble. It seems scientifically inaccurate to state that it is the gas (let's call it Euphoria) itself which is the cause for the growing hardness, as it is the expiry of this gas which is the actual cause. Euphoria is what initially keeps the occupiers of The Bubble alive. Yet the nature of the gas is such that it is addictive, making the desire for it insatiable, leading to acceleration in the consumption patterns of the inhabitants. This is, in its essence, accelerates of the expiry of Euphoria, which, substantial evidence proves, leads to the expiry of the inhabitants of The Bubble and thus The Bubble itself.

This brings us to the Origin and Purpose of The Bubble, which I will discuss in my next post.

Happy blogging! :)