Thursday, March 29, 2012

I couldn’t find the Word.

He is like


the world

tells me I should remove.

             If I am woman,

             I should be ashamed-

to love?


And then, I am not of this world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


thoughtful posts are generally not my thing. but considering I’m supposed to be studying for an end-semester in two days and facebook has got stale, I have to write something. and at a complete loss for any other sort of inspiration, I’m going to have to think to write.

We all have people who inspire us, and these at different levels. there are those you only hear about on the news and you can’t help think wow. [honestly, I don’t feel you on this one – I hardly admire anyone I don’t know personally – I just wrote it to sound well-researched or something.] and then there are those you know so well, whose struggles and victories have been close to your heart, and they come out letting you know for sure that God put bits of himself in us.

but I’m thinking of those in between. the people you don’t know so well, but for whom you’ve created an identity and character you could admire. these are the people who make you feel you can do better. you know them, so they’re real. but you don’t know them, so they’re better. and so “better” is real. it can happen.

until you discover they’re human.

they’re not perfect. they’re not awesome. they’re not untouchable. scrap the pun, it wasn’t intended. this is serious.

I REALLY need some source of inspiration. sigh.