Monday, October 29, 2012

“…to fill the world’s cracks with needles that will let us hear those cracks speak…”

William H. Gass

from Reading Rilke

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling Down



I know this feeling

I know where it comes from

And I know who’s leading



Writing as always

Opens up the floodgates

Now it’s going high ways



I will not be lost

You will always remain

The one who paid the cost


Blood from the darkness

Power from the name

And glory when it all comes falling down



*disclaimer: I am not proud of this as writing, but as action.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The sun has set. We’ve wandered along the riverbank and trotted back. It is a quaint street. One of the many, but we gasp about “O! How lovely!” it all is.

The candy shops are magical. Willy Wonka was real. So was the Mad Hatter.

Lights from the wharf glitter on the water now. They’re adamant not to be carried away by the flow of the river.

Chatter in the lamp light. Slapping thighs and necks to massacre bugs. Old friends meeting as tea glows gold by candle-light.

The chill coming down and we rise to leave.


Finally in Savannah.

It’s neither hot nor cold, it’s neither bright nor dark. There’s noise but one can find silence.

The Savannah Marriot Riverfront has a balcony and walk along the bank of the Savannah. Terra-cotta deck chairs and old metal lamp-posts on red cobble-stones. Breeze. Quiet water.

A half-mile up the river a steel bridge. A half-mile down, the wharf. Right across me, just trees.

The distant sound of a guitar, somebody jamming on a yacht.

Good one coming.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Affairs

Shiny Baby,

I really don’t want you.

Your daddy raped me

He already broke my heart too


I don’t

have his




Glitter Baby,

I really quite hate you.

You will be ugly

I wouldn’t wanna touch you


I won’t

leave you




Precious baby,

do you know what I will do?


Kill you.


Baby like an emerald.